Network Marketing-My Story

1 04 2010

Well, to start all memories back i have to go back to college years. That when the time I’ve been exposed to this kind of business. It was on August 1993  I recall, when one day my friend -that i know him in orientation program-approach me and said that he had a business opportunity to share with me. He’s just team up with someone from Jakarta (that year i run a college year in Surabaya) and seeking several potential people to consider as a business partner since he want to expand his business in Surabaya.  Well, as a fresh student making money is an attractive topic for me that time. Specially since inside my heart and mind already emerge a desire to be a rich people. Able to travel anywhere in the world and buying what ever I want with the money I have. More over i came from a business family culture. Surely its like  a blood stream in my body.

Not to think twice I took his invitation and come to the meeting. The presenter was (probably) a 35 year man from banking industry. He really  made my head spinning with lot of imagination to what the business can offer to my life and my future. I got amazed by the potential income I could make and the simplicity of the business . The way He presented attract me  a lot.  Finally he made a closing speech where he told me and the audience that He come to Jakarta to send  a lot invitation to al his friends and prospect regarding His recognition night on next month by the company.

I became impressed and asking many questions to my friend. I got home with a great dream and passion about the opportunity. And before my friend do follow up to me I already spoke to my family about this business. Guess what? they dissagree if I join the opportunity. Soon turning me off. But deep inside I’m still curious and want grab the opportunity. But since my family doesnt agree, I said to my friend I postpone to join. Shortly he leave me for a while and running the opportunity. Months passes and I saw no change in His Network Marketing Business. I try find his picture and short story of him in the monthly magazine but none. Soon i found that he struggling building the business. I became wonder. suddenly i thought maybe its not as easy as its presented.

anyway, short story i finally join the business after got exposed 5 time. 5 time, could you imagine? so many doubt in me. I’ve been sponsored by my own sister. But this time she introduce me to a system. That time the system came from a couple from Australia but the headquarter is in US.  I thought it will run more easy, but it didn’t. I’m not negative. I still working the business. in fact while my sister quit and all of my upline quit i’m still present the business to everyone i knew. Until in 1995 my higher upline took me to a very professional meeting from another system that have been establish for 23 year that time  and officially i join the new system.

I start to showing the plan again along with tools from new system, again and again…….with the little result. surprisingly again……at the end my most higher upline moved to another opportunity…. a binary system company. He completely leave the opportunity that i run and try to persuade all of his group to join him, even me. I’m still remember that time sometime in 1998/1999.  I became a lone ranger. No upline ….no sponsor. Just me. Til i decide to quit and join to another person in the same opportunity and system, just to get a guidance and leadership.

On that journey i found so many questions that haunting my mind quite long. Because i’ve tried many of ways that my upline and the system told me. But  the result not as big as  i expect. Yes its true that within several month i did reach  what all leader in my opportunity system so-called “break even poin” , where i can finance operational cost of the business (metings, book,casset/CD) from this business. But still questions arose.  Sometime  my mind tempting to said,” is there any way i can build this business more effective and faster?  or several time i said , “am i who the one not fit to this business, or others doing better than i am?”, “Do i already have a right attitude?”, “Have i doing enough presentation?”, ” I think I need to get more leads..”, “Have i spoke to enough number of people….” and bla…bla…bla…bla. You name it…..

Then i found other interesting fact…….quite many leader in higher level, out of the business and more over move to another company. Then the news spread: diamond from x company join us! Crown from Company Y leave his business and join other. Now…once the speaker ( a leader) in one of the national function asking a questions to audience: “if your upline quite….do you still run this business?” At the first…if the upline refer to the middle level leader maybe the answer would be yes. But if the upper level leader that quite and move to other company , what would be the answer? I dont know….

The fact is i had heard info like that 3 months a go. And the person who did that was a well known leader and speaker.The question is: what went wrong? or is there something wrong? and the fact is I’m still hold on to the company that i join with. I still believe. Because i knew…is not the compensation plan that matter, is not the system that matter or even the company. The matter the way we did the business… old fashion way….

A business, whatever the form is ,is a business. Cant avoid a change, but must adapt to it. The way we aproach now need to be change and update. The system that applied in 90’s  maybe need to be updated and adapt for 2000 and above.If not it will left behind and vanish. Change happen like every day. so we must prepare it.To win the competition.

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29 03 2010

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